Finnleo VS Clearlight

Let me guess, the only infrared sauna dealer near you is a hot tub store, and they only carry Finnleo saunas right? Another guess… you’d like to get an infrared sauna for your home, but don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars without checking something out first too right? And most likely, the …

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Clearlight VS Therasauna

Therasauna VS Clearlight saunas, who makes the better infrared sauna? Should you buy a ceramic sauna, or a carbon sauna? Most of these questions are answered in the Healthmate article.

Clearlight VS JNH

This shouldn’t even really be a comparison, the Clearlight is light years ahead of JNH. They’re not even in the same category: JNH Sauna Pros & Cons Pros: cheap readily available on Amazon  Cons: built very poorly not comfortable, splintering wood, etc… not zero EMF, likely high EMF if you buy a JNH joyous model …

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Clearlight VS Radiant Health

This is the hardest article I’ve ever had to write. I like both of these sauna companies, specifically the Clearlight Premier and Radiant Health Elite 2.  I think they’re both awesome saunas, they both test super low in EMF, which you can verify yourself from my videos on the Certified Sauna List. Both saunas are …

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Clearlight Vs Healthmate

You’ve seen the marketing: ceramic saunas are better than carbon saunas. Oh wait, you call another company and whamo… “carbon saunas are better tha ceramic saunas”! What the heck you think to yourself, who do I believe here? If the sauna sales people had it up to them, you’d just hand over your Visa or …

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Dynamic VS Sunlighten

Sunlighten Saunas Will Always Beat Dynamic Saunas Here’s why… Dynamic Saunas, a subsidiary of Golden Designs Inc., primarily manufactures lower end (my opinion) saunas for major retailers like Costco, Amazon, etc… With a focus on quantity, low emf has never really been their thing. (my opinion, based on my own testing which you can watch …

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