Clearlight VS Sunlighten Saunas (one tests better)

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So you’re interested in buying a home sauna for your house, and can’t decide between a Clearlight and a Sunlighten right?  You’ve probably either spoken to a rep from each company, or your just scouring sauna reviews online to see what’s best. Maybe you’ve even gotten tangled up in a forum or sauna detox group, and there’s a strong push toward only brand brand… to the point where it’s a bit suspicious.

Cliff notes: watch the videos on for real life testing of these, or check Matt’s YouTube channel for the videos.

I mean after all, every sauna company you call, says their sauna is the best right?  (can you tell I’ve been down this road a time or two? 😉

They use scarcity tactics like:

  • “buy now before the price goes up…”
  • “the price will never be this low, blah blah…”
  • “you’ve got to have full spectrum, otherwise you won’t get a complete detox…”
  • “far infrared yes, but with near infrared and all three wavelengths, <insert behemoth benefit of the month here>…”

This goes on for ages.

The sales people constantly try and push people into stuff, hound the ever living shit out of you (yeah I said it) if you don’t buy, and use these fancy marketing reports to try and talk you in to some bullshit pitch.

The problem with this, is the majority of sauna “experts” don’t even own the product they’re trying to sell you in their own home. And the CERTAINLY don’t own the competitors product they’re telling you to avoid!

That’s my biggest problem with the whole deal. Forget the nonsense they put you through… they haven’t even used both products for crying out loud!!!

Update: want to know which sauna I like better than both Clearlight and Sunlighten? Check out the Radiant Health Saunas, they’re a very good choice.

Sunlighten VS Clearlight: Which Is Really The Better Sauna?

So here’s the deal.  The honest truth is, it depends on what you’re looking for.

If you want a low EMF and low ELF sauna, then this Clearlight is the way to go hands down. Why? It’s simple, Sunlighten does not mitigate electric fields, and their magnetic fields are much higher than Clearlight’s. (especially in the M Pulse, which you can see clearly in Clearlight sauna emf reviews)

If you don’t care about the EMF levels in your sauna, and want gadgets and LCD screens with all the bells and whistles, buy a Sunlighten M Pulse. You will be very happy with the build quality.

Why Do Sunlighten Reviews & Clearlight Reviews Differ?

It seems like everyone you talk to has a different opinion on the topic. Heck, some even say there is only ONE sauna brand in the whole world that could ever do anyone any good. Come one?

Don’t fall for that nonsense.

It just comes down to what is most important to you. Usually people that are “reviewing” saunas, don’t posses the technical equipment to measure things under the surface, and basically just use one and go by how they feel. But maybe they were having an off day that day? All sorts of things can throw off a seat of the pants review.

I go by my measurements, and the tools don’t lie. Clearlight saunas measure much much lower than Sunlighten saunas EMF wise, basically to the point where there’s no comparison anymore.

Sure the Sunlighten sauna sales staff will tell you that the EMF stuff is overblown, and yada yada… but do they really have your best interests at heart? Especially if you have children or other family members that are going to use this sauna in your home?  I don’t think they do the majority of the time… it’s like going back to big Tobacco when they said cigarettes weren’t harmful, or that cell phones don’t cause any health concerns at all if you hold them next to your head.  (seriously?)

Moral of the story is, if the person you’re getting your advice form, doesn’t personally own the saunas you’re comparing, or at the very least tried out both models from all the brands, do you really think they should be advising you on a $5,000.00 purchase decision?

Conclusion: The Better Sauna IS…

if I had to pick a sauna between these two brands for myself or my family, it would be this Clearlight Premier model right here. It’s less money, gives you a great sweat, and blows the Sunlighten’s out of the water when it comes to EMF.

Like I said earlier, if you don’t care about that EMF safety aspect, and just want a really nice sauna with lots of creature comforts, buy a Sunlighten. If you want a low emf infrared sauna, that measures significantly lower for your family, buy a Clearlight.

Update – the cheapest place to buy Clearlight saunas with the best service is from Heal With Heat… the Jacuzzi Clearlight dealer that offers price matching. Ask for Jen, she will take great care of you.

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