Clearlight VS Radiant Health: One Sauna Is Definitely Better

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This is the hardest article I’ve ever had to write. I like both of these sauna companies, specifically the Clearlight Premier and Radiant Health Elite 2.  I think they’re both awesome saunas, they both test super low in EMF, which you can verify yourself from my videos on the Certified Sauna List. Both saunas are built well, priced well, and the value you get is an excellent choice for a home sauna.  Both saunas have electric fields mitigated, are low body voltage, and super low magnetic fields. The Radiant Health edges out the Clearlight a bit depending on the model, and because they put zero RF radiation modules in their saunas. (meaning, never any WiFi or Bluetooth for EHS sensitive folks) At the end of the day, the truth is you will do great in a sauna from either company based on my testing, which is something I don’t say often.  The only time Clearlight will edge out Radiant, is if you need financing in the USA.

[WARNING] Deciding Between Clearlight & Radiant Health?

So no one will probably tell you this, but Jacuzzi Clearlight requires all dealers to have an exclusive relationship with them in order to sell their products. Now I use and like Clearlight saunas, and promote them to users, but most every dealer or affiliate will never tell you that they’re recommending a Clearlight sauna to you because they have to. They’re not allowed to sell other brands on their website or through their store if they sell Clearlight Infrared Saunas. They will lose their dealership license and will be forced to shut down.

Radiant Health Sauna FLIR Camera View
Radiant Health Sauna FLIR Camera View

Why am I telling you this? Because if you notice, everyone that says Clearlight saunas are the greatest thing since sliced bread, doesn’t sell anything else. Because… you guessed it, they can’t.

This automatically makes everything they say extremely biased, because as a retailer, they’re not allowed to offer you anything else. 

So this is where a lot of these half baked ideas like full spectrum being mandatory come from. Dealers will say strange things like a Clearlight Sauna is the “Cadillac of the industry” when in fact other saunas perform far better. 

One such case is the Clearlight Sanctuary: it looks awesome with the all glass front, but suffers from MASSIVE heat loss. When you call the company to complain, they offer you a weather-stripping kit to seal it up better. Sooooo, why not fix the saunas instead? This has been happening for years. 

The Radiant Health Saunas consistently outperform the Clearlight Sanctuary models. They’re also the only company on the planet with a bench heater, and as you’re about to see in the release of Dr. Ashley Mason’s work on sauna use and depression reduction, this matters more than you think when comparing core temperature increases in hyperthermia heat therapy treatments.

But Don’t Just Take It From Me, See What Other Users Are Saying

Clearlight & Radiant Health Reviews From Our FB Group Members

If you want all the benefits from your infrared sauna, you damn well better be getting the far infrared saturation you need in your sauna. Plus having the heaters not stop below the shoulders is a game changer. Friends and family, if you download the new Certified Sauna List pdf in the Certified Sauna Community Facebook group, you’ll see the spectrometer results. Buy the Radiant Health, don’t bother fooling with any other brand. For everyone else, if you must have the creature comforts of the ipad plug in, etc… go ahead and get the Clearlight. Just know that half of what these sales people are telling you is nonsense, and don’t expect the Clearlight Iphone app to work flawlessly, it will not. 

Clearlight Premier VS Radiant Health Elite

Now obviously if you’re comparing the Clearlight Sanctuary to the Radiant Health Elite, there are going to be some differences. There is also a big difference in price between those two models also. The Sanctuary models don’t test as low as the Premier, but if you’re looking for fancy schmancy options like Bluetooth, luxury lights, full spectrum, etc… then go with one of those from Heal With Heat. They’re the lowest priced dealer for Jacuzzi Clearlight, with price matching. But really, the Premier is all you need, just like the Radiant Health Elite is all you need.

Why Not Clearlight Sanctuary Or Full Spectrum Over Far Infrared?

A common practice from a lot of sauna sales people and sauna companies, is to use technology that sounds super scientific so that it seems beyond what we as normal consumers can comprehend. This happens a lot with Clearlight Sauna products from specific sales agents and dealers, not necessarily a representation of the product itself. Meaning the products are still good, but you’ll hear things like you have to have all three wavelengths (near, mid, & far) in order to get all the benefits, or the heater placement is wasting heat, or if you don’t have full spectrum heaters, you’ll be missing out on some of the benefits. 

This is all well and fine in theory, but once I started testing some of these claims, I quickly found that a lot of these people are completely full of it. For example, I love Clearlight saunas, especially the Premier. However, when I started testing the Clearlight Sanctuary because dealers were saying the full spectrum heaters were all the rage, I noticed instantly that the sauna suffers from massive heat loss from all the glass in the front. To make it worse, they don’t ship the sauna with any seals for the hinge side of the doors, so it literally loses heat through the cracks. Yes it looks cool and has nice features, but if the performance is lacking and you’re not getting a good session out of it, what good are all the gadgets?

Clearlight Sanctuary Full Spectrum Heaters

This pretty much sealed the deal for me… “Buy a full spectrum sauna so you get all three wavelengths.” But when I put s spectrometer on the front heaters, I could now see that there isn’t any PBMT coming out of these. So everyone touting the benefits of near infrared and red light therapy, literally has no idea what they’re talking about, and are straight up lying to customers. 

To make matters worse, just this year Clearlight is now offering an upsell to add red light therapy in your full spectrum sauna with the add-on kit. 

There’s two problems with this: 1) if you already have a full spectrum sauna, already have all three wavelengths, because that’s why you buy a full spectrum sauna right??? …with the proper placement and blah blah, answer me this: why would you need to add a near infrared red light therapy tower?

And 2) no one is talking about how the sauna is on a fixed power supply, and every accessory you add is taking away power from the main far infrared heaters. This is detrimental to the performance of the sauna, and is being compensated for by additional heat that is misconstrued as near infrared. (newsflash: near infrared by itself CANNOT heat you up. This is why no one is sweating in front of a Joovv or GembaRed red light panel. So if near infrared can’t physically heat you up, why should it be mandatory or a selling point in your sauna? It shouldn’t. Gimmick.)

I thought your full spectrum heaters were already putting out near infrared? Because if not, why would need them?

I’m being funny/tongue in cheek here. I’m getting tired of hearing about this as a sales tactic, when put to the test, it doesn’t add up. 

Which Brand To Buy?

The Premier and Elite are like a spitting image of each other when comparing most models. The heater layout is relatively the same, Radiant heaters go a little higher than Clearlight, some people make a huge deal out of this because it’s not solely aimed at the core, but it is nice to get some infrared your shoulders, neck, head, etc… power is fairly equal, features, build quality, etc… You really can’t go wrong with either one, but sometimes the Radiant Health is a better value since it’s usually cheaper once you apply the discount code. If I blind folded you and let you try both of them, you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference. You can’t go wrong with either one, but I chose a Radiant Health when purchasing for my mom and I can have any sauna on the planet. 

Popular Models:


2024 Radiant Health Sauna models back in stock with fast delivery times are as follows:

Radiant Health E-1H 1 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-2 months)
Radiant Health E-2H 2 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-2 months)
Radiant Health E-2.5H 2 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-2 months)
Radiant Health E-3H 3 person infrared sauna: 14 day delivery (2 weeks)
Radiant Health E-4H 4 person infrared sauna: 45-60 day delivery (1-a2 months)
Radiant Health EC-3H 2 person corner infrared sauna: 1 month delivery time
Radiant Health EC-4H 3 person corner infrared sauna: 1 month delivery time

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