DIY Sauna Course

Clearlight saunas has long been found to be one of the top recommended infrared sauna brands on the planet. But just because everyone and their brother is saying they’re great,w e don’t just give them a pass and add them to the list.

Matt has tested every single sauna promoted here personally, and you can find his youtube videos with live video emf testing, using the saunas, assembling them, etc…

That said, Clearlight has done a great job, and still makes the cut when considering all other brands available in 2020. There are one or two that are a better value, but Clearlight is right up there with the best of them. I’d recommend you take a look at Matt’s latest youtube videos, the Certified Sauna List, and the recommendations on the blog for choosing the right sauna for your needs.

Jacuzzi has merged with Clearlight, so don’t be confused if you hear people calling the Sanctuary and Premier saunas by the Jacuzzi name… they are the same, and still Clearlight Saunas.

Matt typically recommends the Clearlight Premier models over the Sanctuary, since the EMF levels are lower, and it’s a better value for most folks. There are however exceptions to the rule in some cases, such as if you’re looking for an outdoor sauna. There are very few options that come with insulated panels, and true shingled roof that will stand up to the elements, and so on. Also if you need an ADA approved sauna for wheelchair use, there are special recommendations for that as well.

See the models here:

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