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Comparing JNH Lifestyles and Sunlighten saunas, and can’t find any decent unbiased info on either? Hah, welcome to the party!

JNH saunas are mostly sold on Amazon here, and usually have 5 stars like you see here. The trouble with the Amazon reviews on saunas, are that customers who buy one, have only ever used that one sauna. So they really have no idea what it compares to, since it’s the only thing they’ve ever put in their home.

Nothing wrong with that, especially taking into account that it is a budget sauna. But when I unboxed my JNH Ensi, it was pretty bad construction wise. Flimsy panels I could crack in half, covered in sawdust everywhere, and it was trimmed out in what looked to be like broken off leftover furring strips… no, I can’t make this up, check it out for yourself here.

On the other hand, before I even bought a home sauna, I was paying to use a Sunlighten M Pulse across town at a local float tank place. It got expensive fast, not to mention the commute time to and from, which is why I was quickly looking to get one setup in my house to do my heavy metal detox sessions at home. After driving home sweaty as hell a couple days when the shower wasn’t available at the spa, I knew I had to get one asap.

But when I looked around at buying the Sunlighten I was paying to use, the EMF levels tested pretty high compared to other things on the market. In fact, Sunlighten as a company culture, is not really focused on mitigating electric fields at all. Keep in mind, all this backstory is from way back in 2017 when I got my amalgam fillings removed, and began my health journey into detoxing mercury, pesticides, etc… after testing for them.

Fast forward to today, and Sunlighten nor JNH do not test well enough EMF wise to make it on the Certified Sauna List for 2020, and I don’t really recommend either one of them. But I can certainly give you some unbiased info on either one to help you along your journey, as I’ve personally used both.

Note – one of the biggest misconceptions sauna shoppers don’t know when speaking to a sauna sales person (or reading online sauna “reviews,”) is that almost every time someone is advising you on a brand that is “bad” and trying to convince you that theirs is “better,” they’ve usually never even been in both brands themselves. 

JNH Lifestyles Will Never Be As Good As Sunlighten Saunas

It’s funny, someone asked me the other day if I thought JNH Saunas was better than Sunlighten saunas. Hehe, not in a million years I thought to myself!  The build quality of a JNH Lifestyles sauna, will never match the high end quality of a Sunlighten sauna. They aren’t even in the same class, and the JNH is built so poorly, you could almost put your fist through the wall just by leaning on it wrong.

The Sunlighten on the other hand, is built much better, but also has a huge price tag. If you’re spending that kind of money, I’d want to get something super low emf as well, which the Sunlighten is not.

You might like a sauna from the Certified Sauna List, which is a better value overall, and guaranteed low emf which you can verify before buying on live video. Don’t fall for the third party emf verification reports!

Looking for another good alternative to check out? I really love the Radiant Health Saunas, they’re a very good choice compared to almost everything on the market.

Zero EMF? (not even close)

Both JNH and Sunlighten claim to be low emf sauna manufacturers. Neither one lives up to the claim.

JNH saunas often markets as a zero EMF sauna, which is definitely not the case. I bought one based on this alone, and it turned out to be a lie just like all the other “no emf” products.

Bottom line: if it plugs into a wall, it will have some level of emf.

Sunlighten on the other hand, doesn’t really push this as hard, and definitely doesn’t try to lie to us about being zero emf. They don’t put out false claims like JNH does regarding this, but they still test too high for my liking on magnetic field measurements.

Neither company mitigates electric fields, which is why both don’t make a low body voltage sauna. And to be frank, it’s no different than when we did the last JNH comparison on this Clearlight sauna model here.

If you watch some of the videos on CertifiedSaunas.com, you can see how I test for each type of EMF, and how they affect the environment.

JNH Saunas


  • super cheap
  • that’s all I can think of? It was a terrible sauna.


  • Ensi has false marketing, it’s not zero EMF
  • build extremely cheap
  • takes forever to heat up
  • did I mention it has the worst build quality of any sauna I’ve ever been in? (that’s why it’s a thousand dollars)

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