Why are low emf saunas the biggest hoax in the entire sauna industry?

It’s so common to waste months and months searching for the right sauna to buy, only to end up buying nothing after listening to shyster after shyster with their spiel.  Everyone you talk to says their sauna is the lowest, yet you don’t see them with pallets, setting up saunas, making videos of the EMF test results live for you to watch.

Why do you think that is?

More often than not, they have something to hide, or it’s just marketing and they could care less about showing you the truth.

When you break it down, it’s very simple:

  • most sauna companies are not testing for all types of emf
  • they’re paying third party companies to test their sauna after they take it apart and send pieces of it to a lab
  • they sell you on the idea with the fancy “3rd party verified” emf verification report

What’s missing?

  • testing for electric fields, body voltage, and RF radiation (not just magnetic fields)
  • EMF stands for more than one thing, so why are sauna companies using one meter showing you one reading?
  • sauna salespeople don’t even own the sauna they’re selling you

So stop wasting your time with that nonsense. Watch live video testing of the Certified Saunas, so you know FOR SURE that your sauna is safe for your family. And you can get advice on which sauna brand suits your needs best, from real world experience by someone who uses these saunas everyday… not just a guy sitting behind his computer, spilling some mumbo jumbo opinion that sounds all fancy.