[UPDATED] 2021 Radiant Health Sauna Review

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I was chatting with a customer on FB, and they mentioned that Radiant Health saunas were touted as being suspect in build quality consistency, EMF levels, and so on.

Interesting I thought, being that it’s the best sauna I’ve ever tested on the face of the earth.

But then I considered the source of where this information (opinion?) was coming from…  Turns out, most of it was unfounded, but hey, some people will do anything to make a sauna sale.

The Radiant Health saunas simply perform better, for less money, and are safer in terms of VOC’s and EMF than most everything offered on the market.

There are some really nice looking premium saunas out there too, but fancy lighting and gadgets aren’t going to make you sweat out any more or less toxins. As a health improvement device, I focus primarily on how much infrared saturation a sauna can give you, at the lowest possible temperature.

These Radiant Health saunas take the cake on that front, and they’re super reliable and nothing but positive feedback from folks who grab one.

The pricing on these is less than the competition, and I hear some sauna brands are raising prices even more without improving the product at all. This will further the gap, and make Radiant Health an even better value in the sauna world.

I used to recommend other brands as well, and still do on the Certified Sauna List, but most of those have gone up in price for the exact same equipment as well.

This is hands down, the best value on the market for a premium sauna this year. (and looks like it will be next year also if things continue)

More to come…

Eventually, I’ll get around to reviewing my corner model Radiant Health Sauna. My first Radiant Health sauna that I use in Florida is a 2 person unit. Today is January 3rd, 2020, and it’s snowing like crazy here at my grandmothers cabin in Maine. I wanted to see what it would be like to unload and assemble an infrared sauna in the snow, so one will be delivered here shortly.

It’ll be interesting, since the pallet jack won’t wheel through the snow bank, so I think I’ll use the tractor to hoist it up and over… then film me trying to bring it inside… alone. lol

Should make for interesting video if nothing else!

Update: It’s now 2021, and I’ve been enjoying the Radiant Health Corner Sauna (model#: EC-3H) for the better part of a year now. It’s everything I was looking for, plus all the testing checked out just like the two person models.

Congruency across the product line is something I love, which will make it an easy choice to put the 1 person model in my mothers home now.

I’m really enjoying the additional space and layout of the corner unit. The fact that it works on any 15 amp circuit without hiring and electrician to upgrade the wiring, was really a time and costs saver.

The only con I’ve found, is that it takes a 5-10 extra minutes to heat up over the two person model, but it is a lot bigger and more open sauna being that the front door is on a 45 degree angle with multiple windows. Other than that, there aren’t any other tradeoffs from the rectangular models.

Which to buy? I would say it really depends on how you intend to use the sauna and with how many people that would determine which size would be best for you.

Personally, I like the comfort of the corner model even when I’m using the sauna by myself. Still super ow emf, low voc, great fit and finish, and still the best value in the industry. The performance is better than some fancier saunas also, simply in terms of how your body heats up… this is beating more expensive, so called “full spectrum” saunas, and even some hybrid saunas.

Detailed videos to follow, ask your questions below in the comments…

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