[UPDATED] 2024 Radiant Health Sauna Review

I was chatting with a customer on FB, and they mentioned that Radiant Health saunas were touted as being suspect in build quality consistency, EMF levels, and so on. Interesting I thought, being that it’s the best sauna I’ve ever tested on the face of the earth. But then I considered the source of where …


2023 Jacuzzi Clearlight Sauna Review

Clearlight saunas have long been found to be one of the top recommended infrared sauna brands on the planet. But just because everyone and their brother is saying they’re great, we don’t just give them a pass and add them to the list. Matt has tested every single sauna promoted here personally, and you can …


Influence Sauna

Influence Sauna does not qualify to be recommended at this time. The EMF levels are above the thresholds of comparable saunas. We do not comment further on Influence Saunas or Finnmark Saunas on this website. You can see why here and here.

Best Outdoor Sauna

  If you’re looking for an outdoor model infrared sauna for your home, finding one can be quite a challenge because there are plenty of sellers passing off indoor sauna models as outdoor ones. And, once these are installed, a couple of years down the line, several users have found that the sauna warps, splits …


Top Rated Modular Indoor Infrared Sauna Kits

Lots of individuals are increasingly preferring to have an infrared sauna at home. While that is an excellent choice, a little research will lead to something called infrared sauna kits. One of the first things you determine when deciding to get a sauna for home use is the budget. Second, of course, is space. You …


2023 Sunlighten Sauna Review

Around here we don’t usually recommend Sunlighten Saunas for a few reasons. Occasionally we’ll recommend a model or two for super specific needs a customer can’t get elsewhere, but in short Sunlighten Saunas do not meet the Certified Sauna List criteria because: Do not mitigate electric fields Magnetic Fields (EMF) is too high, especially in …