DIY Sauna Course

Around here we don’t usually recommend Sunlighten Saunas for a few reasons. Occasionally we’ll recommend a model or two for super specific needs a customer can’t get elsewhere, but in short Sunlighten Saunas do not meet the Certified Sauna List criteria because:

  • Do not mitigate electric fields
  • Magnetic Fields (EMF) is too high, especially in the M Pulse
  • Pricing is high except for Signature models
  • Super pushy sales people
  • Call center hounding you after customer gives contact details (tip: use a burner Google Voice number when you call)

That said, Sunlighten has some of the best cabinet build quality in the industry. It is light years ahead of something like a JNH Lifestyles from Amazon, Dynamic Saunas from Costco, etc…

Additionally, we don’t subscribe to the need for full spectrum saunas, so the push to make people spend more money than needed for a far infrared sauna is also a disconnect. This will likely never change, seeing how you can sit in front of near infrared for hours and you break a sweat at all.

I have heard through the grapevine however, that Sunlighten may be updating their saunas in the coming year. So expect this to change if the saunas are drastically improved!

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