Dynamic VS Sunlighten

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Sunlighten Saunas Will Always Beat Dynamic Saunas

Here’s why…

Dynamic Saunas, a subsidiary of Golden Designs Inc., primarily manufactures lower end (my opinion) saunas for major retailers like Costco, Amazon, etc…

With a focus on quantity, low emf has never really been their thing. (my opinion, based on my own testing which you can watch on live video)

Long story short, both Dynamic and Sunlighten have higher EMF levels than I’d like to see. Especially electric fields, as neither really mitigate those at all.

The Sunlighten cabinetry though it light years ahead of Dynamic saunas. The build quality isn’t even really comparable on the M Pulse models. But then again, the EMF isn’t good in those from my findings on youtube.

If you’re looking for an alternative, I really like the Radiant Health Saunas. Those are a really good choice, maybe even better than both of these on many levels.

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