Clearlight VS Therasauna

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Therasauna VS Clearlight saunas, who makes the better infrared sauna? Should you buy a ceramic sauna, or a carbon sauna? Most of these questions are answered in the Healthmate article, and on the blog and youtube channel at depth.

Cliff notes you need to know when comparing both saunas:

  • Therasauna Classic models are not the same as Therasauna models. Huge difference.
  • Clearlight has lower EMF period. There are some guys running around with decent looking meters, but they’re holding them in convenient places to sway the readings.
    • The magnetic fields are a solid 3 mg in the seated position in the Therasauna, and under 1 mg in the Clearlight
    • What most aren’t even checking, is the electric fields. EMF is a plural term, yet sauna companies only show you one reading.
      • Therasauna still has 30 v/m + electric fields in it
      • Clearlight has less of both types overall if that is important to you
    • Both are indeed low voc though
  • If looking for a 1-2 person sauna, the Therasauna’s have no frontal infrared.
    • I love their heaters, always have. But you only have rear infrared exposure, nothing on the sides in a 1-2 person Therasauna. It’s unbalanced, and cold on the front.
  • Clearlight has the full spectrum upsell on the Sanctuary. Not necessary, maybe even not beneficial since you’re robing FIR power for those silly heaters on the glass.
    • The Premier is all you need, unless you just like the look or features of the Sanctuary.
  • I’d also encourage you to check out an alternative option to both of those brands, the Radiant Health Saunas. They are a really good option.

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