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Let me guess, the only infrared sauna dealer near you is a hot tub store, and they only carry Finnleo saunas right?

Another guess… you’d like to get an infrared sauna for your home, but don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars without checking something out first too right?

And most likely, the salesman at the store really specializes in Jacuzzi’s, pools, etc… and when you start asking questions about EMF, VOC’s, heat up times, brand comparisons, and so on, you kind of lose him?

On the flip side, you may have called other sauna companies like Sunlighten, Clearlight, Healthmate, etc… and are often pressured into either:

  • making a purchase before a “sale” is over
  • will only get XX benefit from our “proprietary” feature (blah blah)
  • this goes on forever… may I please just end this here? 😉


  • Usually I recommend this Clearlight sauna, but it’s not always the right choice for everyone.
  • There’s always a good sauna choice for everyone’s needs on the Certified Sauna List.
  • It’s not a one size fits all application… some folks are in their forever homes, some are in apartments, other travel or have health conditions to account for when selecting the best sauna for their needs. One thing that might help you, is to avoid falling into the NIR VS FIR trap that a lot of sauna companies like to use as leverage.
  • Another alternative I really like, is a Radiant Health Sauna. Very very good option also, maybe even better than the model above.

Why Are All The Finnleo Reviews & Hot Tubs Stores A Little Off?

As you can tell, I’ve been down this road many times.

It’s very common for folks to be shopping for a home sauna, come across something like the Consumer Reports Scam, or even see a decent deal on a Costco sauna, and then get so confused and frustrated with the nonsense online, they end up never even getting a sauna.

And that is the real shame, because a few simple sauna sessions a few times a week, is one of the top markers for reducing all cause mortality rates across the board. There are several studies coming out now, that demonstrate the ancients knew something instinctively that we don’t practice today: heat therapy.

Dr. Rhonda Patrick, several Pubmed summaries, and many mainstream health advisory publications are now picking up the results of regular sauna use, and are beginning to publish their findings.

People have reported naturally lowering blood pressure, losing stubborn weight, lessening of medication needs, and so forth from regular sauna use. I believe a lot of this has to do with organically giving the body a way to get rid of the chemical, pesticides, and metals prominent in our world today.

But before I get off track even more, let’s stay on topic… because getting a sauna in your home is half the battle. If you don’t pick a brand and get it setup, you don’t have any chance of getting those benefits right?

Jacuzzi Clearlight Saunas Compared To Finnleo: Which Is Better?

So you’ve stumbled onto this page because you’re most likely in a situation similar to what I described above.

Here’s the deal: the hot tub store place isn’t going to be able to help you  with better understanding low emf saunas, and the Clearlight sales rep won’t be able to help you with assessing the Finnleo sauna.

Quite the pickle yes?

So why do I say this… the hot tub stores don’t know about emf, voc, or any technical mumbo jumbo 9 times out of 10. You’ll get the occasional wiz here and there, but usually it’s a bunch of malarkey made up on the spot.

Same goes for the Clearlight, Sunlighten, (insert whatever company you want here), brand rep, because [ready for the shocker?] they themselves probably have never been in any other sauna brand other than the one they work for.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute…   (while you’re pondering, check out all my old sauna reviews: notice anything different compared to thew sauna “comparisons” you see online???)  [hint: I’m actually using each brand instead of talking out of my ass!]

Yep, the people most likely advising us on a $5k purchase decision, haven’t even used both brands themselves… yet are telling us “why” one is good, one is bad, and blah blah blah…

If you haven’t noticed yet, this gets me fired up. And it’s because, when I was trying to buy a sauna, all I got was these shysters blowing smoke up my ass.

Before I could even think about what they said, they were practically asking for Visa or Mastercard like it was second nature!

Full Spectrum Vs Far Infrared (Clearlight Reviews VS Finnleo Reviews?)

The competing brand of Finnleo, is most likely trying to talk you into a full spectrum sauna.

Don’t buy into the hype… all you need is far infrared, and the rest is usually over priced marketing propaganda.

For one thing, near infrared doesn’t cause you to sweat, and for two, most infrared heaters all emit some portion of full spectrum wavelengths anyway. Stuffing a few red LED’s into a panel and calling it “full spectrum” isn’t doing much besides making your wallet lighter.

Conclusion: Which Is The Better Brand?

Well, I have a weird take on sauna comparisons. Instead of acting like everyone else, and listing blah blah features to steer you toward whatever the latest and greatest sale is, I like to just show people what I use myself and how I test products for my own home.

I put together something I call the Certified Sauna List, and you can see which saunas tested the lowest for EMF right on

Instead of making you read some long comparison, I setup cameras and shoot live video of all the testing for each model. (that you can verify on live video)

This way, you can see what goes in to one sauna testing better than another, and you can base your decision on which sauna is right for your home from actual insights, as opposed to opinion or hearsay.

Update: I’m getting more and more emails from irate hot tub store personnel, and sauna shoppers who’ve stopped by a hot tub store asking me to comment on a whole bunch of comparison material they’ve written up. I don’t know where these guys learned about saunas, but most of the selling points are just made up bogus factors. Your power requirements, space constraints, budget, emf desires, and FIR coverage should ALWAYS be the main questions asked to ensure you get the right sauna for your home. Brand comparisons and bullshit opinions come second, contrary to popular belief. Instead of wasting time on all this stuff, I’ll just change the conclusion and point you to what saunas I use myself, and would put my own family in.

If you haven’t seen the Radiant Health Saunas, check them out. Tested the best out of all the brands.

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  1. So… no review of the Finnleo IS440 or IS565? These sauna’s have both IR and Traditional capabilities which seem like that could be valuable.

    • Hi Sandy,

      Last I checked, you can only use infrared or traditional independently of each other. What I’m looking for, is a true combination sauna where we can preheat the sauna with steam, and also have infrared in the walls simultaneously. If you know of any models that do that, please let me know… haven’t been able to find a single one on the market.


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