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So you’re wondering if the Clearlight Premier or Sanctuary is right for you? You’ve probably been told that full spectrum saunas are better, and that while you can get a great detox with far infrared, by having all three wavelengths you’ll get even better results. Now a lot of claims are made about this, and I for one don’t agree with all of them. I have always believed, and it shows in all my sauna comparisons, that far infrared is the true workhorse in any infrared sauna.

Disclaimer right up front: I promote Clearlight saunas, as well as many other sauna brands that pass my EMF testing.  The Clearlight sauna company does not always condone or agree with my opinion here, so please understand my stance may not line up with a sales agent’s bullet points on model comparisons. That’s okay, this is just my opinion, but I want you to be aware that what I recommend, is not always what the sauna company recommends. I believe most people can get great detox results in a Premier FIR unit, while the company agents usually recommend a Sanctuary full spectrum model. No problem, we just have a difference of opinion, I just want you to know about it right up front.

Far Infrared VS Full Spectrum Saunas: Which Is Better?

I’ve used every type of sauna under the sun. If you haven’t seen all my sauna reviews before, you’ll be surprised. Near infrared, far infrared, full spectrum, steam, sweat lodge… you name it, I’ve been in it.

So let’s cut right to the chase here shall we? Are there mitochondrial benefits from near infrared therapy? Absolutely. Are you getting NIR maximized in a sauna environment? Absolutely not.

Does near infrared heat you up when isolated? No.  So what makes you sweat in a sauna? Far infrared.

So while a nice luxurious sauna that has the latest and greatest in it is nice, the majority of people who are on a budget, will get just as good of results in a standard far infrared sauna. In fact, it’s what I use for myself in my own home, and I can have any sauna on the planet I want.

Conclusion: NIR or Full Spectrum?

I personally recommend folks get the Premier, and maybe get a WBV machine with the cost savings… it’ll help you more than a full spectrum sauna.

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