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You’ve seen the marketing: ceramic saunas are better than carbon saunas. Oh wait, you call another company and whamo… “carbon saunas are better tha ceramic saunas”! What the heck you think to yourself, who do I believe here?

If the sauna sales people had it up to them, you’d just hand over your Visa or Mastercard right then! If they only understood, you actually WANT to buy a sauna for your house, you just want to do a bit of due diligence first and make sure you get the right sauna for your needs before shelling out thousands of dollars right?

I know, I’ve been there!  When I was calling around to different sauna companies, they’d feed me all kind of lines to try and get me to buy that same day.

Finally I just said flat out, “listen pal, I’m going to buy a sauna for myself, I think it will really improve my health. If you can’t wait for me to figure out which size, brand, and model is best for me, then I’ll just buy it from someone else anyway, because I can’t handle your BS high pressure sales tactics.”

Well, that was the end of that.

That’s why I would go on to just by a cheap infrared sauna from Costco, and later find out it had very high levels of EMF, was falsely advertised, etc…

So why bring all this up?  Well, because when sauna sales people are comparing Healthmate to Clearlight Jacuzzi saunas, they seem to forget a few important pieces of the puzzle. For starters, has the person you’re speaking to on the phone, personally used a ceramic and carbon sauna themselves? If so, what brands and how many models?  Because there are pretty big differences between them, and if you haven’t tried them out yourself, there’s no way you’d know all the little nuances.

My point is, don’t be buying a sauna from someone who can’t advise you based on experience. And the biggest thing people get wrong, is the different in the way a ceramic and carbon sauna feels when you’re in it.

Carbon VS Ceramic: Which Is Better?

Every sauna company says they’ve got the latest and great Super-Nano-Calo-Fragalistic-Blah-Blah heater type, with the most emissivity, least power consumption, and yada yada until you’re blue in the face.

Once you realize sauna heaters are like Televisions, meaning there are only a handful of companies that make the TV screens in the world, you realize the sauna heaters with big time fancy names are just that, names.

Of then they’ll try to see you on this micron range… don’t even get me started on that!

Heater micron range changes with temperature. So if a sauna company is telling you their sauna only operates at a set micron range (that’s most beneficial to the body blah blah), then they’re also saying their sauna only operates at a single temperature.

Sounds slick huh? Not so much in real world applications.

Conclusion: Who Takes The Cake?

I’m short on time, there’s a semi delivery about to arrive with another sauna that’s here for testing. Plus, I’m sure you guys are bored that I harp on and on about the differences between sauna brands and whatnot, so I’ll spare you the details unless you want me to elaborate.

If it were for me or my family, I would choose this Clearlight model here if I had to pick between a Healthmate and a Clearlight Jacuzzi sauna.

Primary reason being, Healthmate does not have a reputation for mitigating electric fields in their saunas, only magnetic. Well, if you’ve followed my stuff at all, you know EMF is not just one thing even though sauna companies would love for you to believe that.

Clearlight mitigates both types of EMF in their saunas, so I think that’s a better healthier sauna for children, families, and myself.  If you want a ceramic sauna that has low ELF, check out the HTH on the Certified Saunas list.

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