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Searching and searching for real world reviews, in a sea of convoluted madness written by people who haven’t been in the very sauna brands you want to buy.

Sound about right?

I know what it’s like to look for good information on infrared saunas online. What a mess. One things stands out, we lose, sauna companies win. They fight with each other over features, benefits, warranties, all kinds of craziness. At the end of the day, no one is actually using these things before they talk to us on the phone… only to proceed to tell us what’s wrong with that brand, you should buy this brand, blah blah blah…

I’ve used both the Health Mate saunas and Radiant Health Saunas. I used one Healthmate at a spa, then I just bought a used one to really test it out here in house last week. Both work well, but they are very different. It’s an apples to oranges comparison for sure.

Cliff notes: Radiant Health has smoother heat delivery, more gentle, and lower emf. Health Mate is hotter surface temp, more directional from the ceramic emitters, but well built. Both saunas have great build quality compared to something like a JNH lifestyles from Amazon, or a Dynamic sauna from Costco. As you’ll see in the Healthmate video below, I’m not sure about the VOC’s with the felt covering. But I’ll let you be the judge on that.

As far as EMF is concerned, the Healthmate saunas are nowhere close. Electric fields are higher, magnetic fields are higher, and consequently body voltage is higher. VOC readings are also higher.

Carbon VS Ceramic: Radiant Health Not As Good As Health Mate?

<video embed></video embed>

I need to redo this comparison. The Health Mate sauna I bought from the older couple during COVID is an older model. I’m not certain the heaters are the same as a brand new model, so it’s not really a fair comparison VOC wise.

Specifically, the older Healthmate saunas have felt glued to the back of the heater guard, whereas the new ones do not. That said, both heater types are not low ELF, though magnetic fields were reduced in newer models… electric fields remain unmitigated.

The way they feel and a lot of the differences will remain the same. But it’s not accurate to say a 4 year old Healthmate has the same EMF as a newer model with different heaters in it.

And I don’t know what year the Healthmate at the spa was, so that doesn’t really count either.

Once I get ahold of another Healthmate, I’ll redo this comparison. For now, the saunas are very different, with one being ceramic and one being carbon. The wood type and all that other jazz about full spectrum, heater types, and yada yada… meh, it doesn’t reflect what the experience of actually using them is like. And in my opinion, that’s what you’re really looking for.

To be continued…

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