Infrared Sauna Sessions – Salt Lake City, Utah

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infrared sauna sessions Salt Lake CityBook your infrared sauna sessions in Salt Lake City with confidence now: guaranteed low EMF, low VOC sauna equipment, right in your own backyard.

There may be several spas or float tank options in Salt Lake City that offer infrared sauna sessions, but very often business owners aren’t even aware of high VOC equipment in their facilities.

Rest assured, at Inner Flame Wellness, you and your family will be safe in top of the line infrared sauna equipment.

Certified Infrared Sauna sessions available in Salt Lake City, Utah.

1174 Graystone Way
Salt Lake City, Utah
84106 ​Suite 13
(801) 513-4002

Open by appointment only

Wondering why we recommend Inner Flame Wellness for sauna sessions in Salt Lake City of other sauna spas and wellness centers?  One reason: they’ve selected the best sauna equipment, with independent testing, guaranteeing you and your family will be safe in a low EMF, low VOC infrared sauna. Whether you’re health challenged and looking to detox, a professional athlete that’s looking to improve performance and muscle recovery with sauna use, or just a first timer that wants to check out infrared saunas, these saunas are some of the best in the business for healing and recovery.

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