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I’ve gotten a few questions this week about Radiant Health saunas compared to Sunlighten saunas.  Unless you’re comparing the Sunlighten Signature to the Radiant Health Elite, they’re kind of apples to oranges like some other sauna comparisons.

The Sunlighten M Pulse is nowhere near similar on price, emf levels, etc… It’s in a category of it’s own, but there are some feature in it that are questionable. (such as: the full spectrum. I talk about this at length in my youtube videos, but you can’t have NIR led’s behind a grill. It doesn’t pass through like far infrared does, so I’m not sure why you’d want to pay all that extra money for it. You can see this clearly in the video where I take it a part)

Really Low EMF?

Radiant Health has electric and magnetic fields mitigated, and there is no bluetooth in their saunas.

With Sunlighten’s it varies by model. The M Pulse is high emf compared to Radiant, but the Signature is a bit better.

The Sunlighten Signature is lower magnetic, but not as low as some of the other saunas on the list. However, neither the Sunlighten Signature nor the Sunlighten M Pulse have electric fields mitigated. Which means neither model are low body voltage.

But if you had to pick between the two, the Signature is much lower overall in EMF.  The M Pulse is high quality cabinetry though, I’ll give them that. Nicely made.

Which Brand Is Better?

Depends on your needs.

If you’ve seen my stuff, you know I’m a stickler for low emf, low voc, no frills, so we can use the extra money saved on NOT buying a full spectrum sauna to get more effective health equipment.

But this is me, and I’m fully aware that not everyone wants what I want.

Hands down, the safer sauna of the two is pretty easy to spot.  If low emf and low voc is important to you and your family (should be, especially if you have children), budget is important to you, and you’re looking for the best value, you know which one to go with.

If you want fancy, like LCD control panels, want to hook up your phone to the sauna, and budget is not a concern, go with the other brand.

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