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Full spectrum infrared sauna reviews have taken on a life of their own, wouldn’t you say from your research thus far?

I mean, what are we to think when someone says, “you’re not going to get a complete detox, if you don’t have all three (3) wavelengths you know.”

What do you think about that by the way? Don’t you have a sense in your gut that makes you question whether or not that’s really the case?

If you don’t, you should.

Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas Have Near, Mid, & Far Infrared That Penetrates Deeper — For A More “Complete” Detox

As you can already probably tell, this isn’t going to be like every other review of full spectrum saunas you’ve read. I’m not about to blow smoke up your you know what where the sun don’t shine.

So let’s get down to it shall we?

“Near Infrared” doesn’t hear you up by itself.

“Mid Infrared” if blending into a heating range.

“Far infrared” is the target range that creates heat within your body.

So, let’s have a quick exercise in whether or not full spectrum saunas are worth it, shall we?

“Full Spectrum Saunas Are Better Than Far Infrared Saunas.”

For the last 20 years, did they have full spectrum saunas?

Because the first books written about the Niacin Detox by Hubbard didn’t have anything like that technology, and were successfully getting people off of drugs week in and week out.

So wait a minute here… You’re saying that people got great results when only far infrared saunas existed on the market for the last two decades?

So how then, must I HAVE to have a full spectrum sauna in 2020 and beyond, in order to get the best health benefits in my home?

You Need Red Light Therapy In Your Sauna Sessions

So let’s be honest here. Red light therapy works for sure, and it’s something you should look into and consider.

But the idea that if it’s not present, you don’t get as good of a sweat is just preposterous. Sure, there are benefits to it outside of the saunas, but to force people into the idea of spending an extra $2,000.00 dollars of their hard earned money, just so they can get “the complete detox” from their sauna is total nonsense.

I don’t like seeing people taken advantage of like this.

In fact, some of the sauna manufactures who build full spectrum saunas, stick a 50 led light array behind a cloth grill… thereby reducing the absorption anyway.

But their “sauna is better than XX competitor”…. blah blah blah.

See the game they’re playing? It’s not to the benefit of the customers, it’s to the benefit of one upping competitors, so they can supposedly sell you a superior product.

Is A Full Spectrum Sauna Right For Me? Or Should I Just Get A Near Infrared Or Far Infrared ONLY?

Now look, I’m not here to cow dung on advancing technology in saunas. I like the fact that near infrared red light therapy is being attempted as a worthy addition to the home sauna experience.

I do think there is merit to it as well.

BUT, telling people that it’s a MUST-HAVE and using fear to back it up as a way to get folks to spend more money on a sauna they don’t really need, is utter theft.

At the end of the day, if you want gadgets and have an unlimited budget to get the latest and greatest, her great buy a full spectrum sauna.

But if you’re on a budget, have health problems and need to get a sauna in your home that’s the best value, you don’t need a full spectrum sauna.

Far infrared is the real workhouse in any sauna. Red light therapy is nice, but it’s creating a different response than just sweating… in fact, near infrared by itself won’t make you sweat at all.

And that my friend, is the point of this entire article. It’s nice to have, but not a must-have.

Go with far infrared because that’s what’s most important, and if you can afford it and want to incorporate other therapies whilst in your sauna session, get a full spectrum sauna.

As always, I recommend sauna brands from the Certified Sauna List if you’re in the market for one.

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