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If you are looking to buy a three-person infrared sauna for home use, there are more than a couple of options. As you can imagine, this will take up some serious space in your home. But you need to think about more than just size.

Saunas need ventilation and different models have different electrical requirements. Then, you also need to look at the benefits and make sure they outweigh the effort.

That’s right. It’s not a piece of cake to get and install a three-person sauna in your house. We will go through some of that in just a bit. First, a look at four of the finest three-person saunas made by Radiant Health and Clearlight.

Radiant Health E3H

This is a three-person sauna which is part of the Elite Series by Radiant Health called the E3H. All the saunas from this series are made of Canadian hemlock wood that has six to eight percent moisture content. The exterior has a biodegradable wood finish and looks luxurious. It is made of non-toxic raw materials and has been tested to show zero volatile organic compounds or VOCs.

It is about six feet wide and is very comfortable even when you lie down. It has two large windows and a big glass door. At 0.3 mG, it has very low electromagnetic field or EMF levels which is excellent news.

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The sauna is made with carbon flow Japanese technology. It is fitted with carbon heater panels and there are additional heaters on the front walls. This disperses heat evenly. It comes with an entertainment station with a CD/AM/FM player. You can operate it with a remote and the speakers are mounted on the ceiling.

This sauna also has the option of color light therapy, also called chromotherapy. This means, you can change the lighting and each of them has a specific effect. This three-person sauna has two control panels located both inside and outside the sauna.

The bench is made to provide increased support and comfort to your body. There is a compact modular system that keeps all the electrical components safe. It has been certified in the US and Canada as being completely safe and reliable. Radiant Health offers a lifetime warranty on the heaters and wood. On the electrical components, you will get a warranty for five years.


  • Dimensions: 44 x 72 x 77 inches (D x W x H)
  • Plug-in Type: 20 amp | 110 volts
  • Heater: Carbon panels
  • Heating System: Carbon flow far-infrared heating system.
  • Has additional heaters on the front wall.
  • Has digital controls placed inside and outside the sauna.
  • Has an integral latching system to accommodate fast assembly.
  • Provides spot lighting and color light therapy.
  • Comes with an entertainment station that has a CD/AM/FM player with MP3/iPod connection that is controlled with a remote.

Radiant Health Corner Sauna

Second on our list is the Radiant Health Corner Sauna called the EC-3H. This one is also part of the Elite series of saunas. Which means, the exterior has a lovely wooden finish that is non-toxic and emits zero volatile organic compounds or VOCs. This also has one of the lowest electromagnetic fields or EMFs in the industry which is, once again, great news for your health.

This one is a combination of great design with space efficiency. This sauna can fit into almost any space and is ideal for two or three people at a time. It needs a 110-volt outlet with a 15 amp output which means you don’t need any extra wiring. That is the standard in every house.

In classic Radiant Health style, this too comes with heaters under the bench which distributes the heat evenly. There are extra heaters on the front wall which isn’t something every manufacturer thinks of.

You can control this sauna from inside and out because it has two sets of controls. It also has an entertainment station with speakers mounted on the ceiling. Those of you who like color light therapy have another reason to consider buying these saunas.


  • Dimensions: 52 x 52 x 77 inches (D x W x H)
  • Plug-in: 15-amp 110-volt outlet
  • Heater: Carbon panels
  • Heating System: Carbon Flow far-infrared radiation with panels below the bench too.
  • Plug-in Type: 15 amp | 110 volts
  • Has additional heaters on the front wall.
  • Has digital controls inside and outside the sauna.
  • Has a latching system for fast assembly.
  • Provides spot lighting and color light therapy.
  • Has an entertainment station that facilitates a CD/AM/FM player with an MP3/iPod connection.
  • The speakers are mounted on the ceiling.

Clearlight Premier

The third infrared sauna that we recommend is by Clearlight (sometimes referred to as Clear Light). The Clearlight Premier IS-3 is a good three-person infrared sauna. This one is made with finesse and craftsmanship. But technically speaking, it is built on True Wave heater technology and is a far-infrared sauna. It is made with high-quality western red Canadian cedar wood or North American basswood, which is eco-friendly.

This sauna has roof ventilation and inside, it has recessed LED accent lights to set the mood. There is also a separate light with a lovely lampshade just for reading. If that is not your thing, there is an audio input place that supports Bluetooth, an aux cable and MP3 connections. The stereo speakers are made by Nakamichi and there is a digital keypad with all controls like temperature, light and time (for the session) that is made by Never Fail™.


  • Dimensions: 40 x 56 x 71 inches (D x W x H)
  • Heaters: Carbon and ceramic mix panels on the back wall, sidewalls, under the bench and on the floor.
  • Heating system: True Wave™ carbon/ceramic with low-EMF levels.
  • Plug-in type: 16 amp | 120 volts
  • Has ELF shielding and Clearlight claims to have the lowest ELF levels in the industry.
  • Comes with standard chromotherapy lighting.
  • You can program the sauna to switch on 36 hours in advance.
  • The cabinetry is made of flawless furniture grade.
  • It has a reversible ergonomic bench.
  • It has a smartphone cradle if you want to access the media on your phone.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Be sure to read the details.

Clearlight Corner

The last and final recommendation is also from Clearlight. This one is called Clearlight Premier IS-C and it is for three persons.

The exterior is made of either grade A clear western red Canadian cedar wood or basswood. Like the other models, this too has a portable, ergonomic backrest made of cedar or basswood. It emits full-spectrum infrared radiation with 300-watt heaters. The heater also has a wooden frame and a textured mesh guard. This plugs neatly into a receptacle built into the sauna. The 2-inch thick bench in the sauna is not just ergonomically designed but is also waterproof and has a mold-resistant cushion. It has been custom made for this sauna bench.

It comes equipped with Vibrational Resonance Therapy or VRT which is the combination of sound and vibration to relax you. It also offers medical-grade color light therapy or chromotherapy with LED lights. You can set in on auto mode and it will change colors every 25 seconds. It has digital controls that are nicely locked into a panel on the walls. The details of this sauna are elegant and it has a luxurious look. It has the option for Bluetooth, aux cable or an MP3 input for audio while you are in the sauna.


  • Dimensions: 60 x 71 inches (D x H)
  • Heaters: Carbon and ceramic mix panels on the back wall, front wall, sidewalls, under the bench, next to your calves and on the floor.
  • Heating System: True Wave™ far-infrared heaters carbon/ceramic panels which emit low EMF.
  • Plug-in Type: 20 amp | 120 volts
  • Weight: 505 lb
  • It is made of Canadian cedar or basswood.
  • It has a doctor-designed ergonomic bench and backrest inside.
  • It comes with standard chromotherapy lighting.
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Please go through the details carefully.

What We Learn from the Specs

Let’s do a quick summary of what these specs mean. You must look for saunas with low electromagnetic field values because prolonged exposure is not good for your health in the long run. Usually, saunas have carbon or ceramic heater panels. Carbon helps keep the EMF levels down but isn’t as energy efficient. Clearlight has a combination which the company claims brings the best of both worlds to you.

If the sauna is 15 amps and 110 volts, you can plug it in and use it right after the installation. But if it is 220 volts or 20 amps, you will need special wiring so that the sauna does not get fried. You will have to call an electrician for the installation. Cedar and basswood are good, eco-friendly choices.

Chromotherapy is an added benefit that some sauna manufacturers provide. Also called color light therapy, it is the science of using different colors and adjusting the body to different vibrations for a specific result. If that’s your thing, you must be happy with the choices provided by Clearlight.

But then again, all four of these choices are pretty great, aren’t they?


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