Best Portable Saunas for Detox

Whenever you hear about a sauna, the first thought that comes to mind is instant relaxation. A portable infrared sauna is a great investment that offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy the health benefits and relaxation of a sauna, anytime and anywhere in complete comfort. Portable infrared saunas have a convenient design, heat up very …

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Best 3-Person Infrared Sauna

If you are looking to buy a three-person infrared sauna for home use, there are more than a couple of options. As you can imagine, this will take up some serious space in your home. But you need to think about more than just size. Saunas need ventilation and different models have different electrical requirements. …

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Finnleo VS Clearlight

Let me guess, the only infrared sauna dealer near you is a hot tub store, and they only carry Finnleo saunas right? Another guess… you’d like to get an infrared sauna for your home, but don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars without checking something out first too right? And most likely, the …

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Clearlight VS Therasauna

Therasauna VS Clearlight saunas, who makes the better infrared sauna? Should you buy a ceramic sauna, or a carbon sauna? Most of these questions are answered in the Healthmate article, and on the blog and youtube channel at depth.