Therasauna VS Sunlighten

Looking to compare Sunlighten with Therasauna?  Well. I hate to tell you, but they’re kind of apples to oranges.  The heaters are very different, the infrared output is supposedly different (not really int he real world), and the look and feel of both sauna companies are drastically different. Build quality, price, etc… are pretty close …

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Clearlight VS Therasauna

Therasauna VS Clearlight saunas, who makes the better infrared sauna? Should you buy a ceramic sauna, or a carbon sauna? Most of these questions are answered in the Healthmate article, and on the blog and youtube channel at depth.

Best Infrared Sauna Reviews 2021

Best Infrared Sauna Reviews from an Unbiased Expert (Only Low EMF Infrared Saunas Recommended) If you’re doing research on the best infrared sauna reviews, I feel your pain. The internet is a maze of links that offer misinformation – or a total lack of information. How many Facebook groups recommend just one sauna brand? (Give …

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