Influence Sauna

Influence Sauna does not qualify to be recommended at this time. The EMF levels are above the thresholds of comparable saunas. We do not comment further on Influence Saunas or Finnmark Saunas on this website. You can see why here and here.

Synergy Sauna

The Synergy Sauna portable infrared sauna us a great choice for those looking for the best bang for your buck. I know not everyone can afford a $4,000 wooden sauna, and many folks after asking what’s the best portable sauna option in the meantime? You can see some cliff notes comparing the top 3 portable …

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Relax Sauna Discount Code

The Relax Saunas portable sauna is still on sale until the New Year when the price increase. Relax Saunas is also offering an additional discount for Matt’s subscribers using coupon code justice. To activate this coupon code, go to and enter justice in the final checkout form like this: The Relax Sauna has performed …

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Therasage Discount Coupon

The Therasage Portable Sauna is currently on sale for the holidays, but subscribers can get an additional 10% off using coupon code: justice Therasage 360 Discount: Use coupon code justice (all lower case) for an additional discount for all subscribers) To use the discount code, simply apply justice at checkout like this: I have …

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2 Person Outdoor Sauna

When looking for a 2 person outdoor sauna, you really only have two styles of options. 1) an outdoor barrel or shed style dry electric outdoor sauna, or 2) a 2 or 4 person infrared sauna with insulated walls and double pane windows. The first choice, your barrel saunas and outdoor shed sauna, usually run …

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High Tech Health VS Healthmate

You’ve seen it… the flashy ad claiming that one sauna brand is better than another because of some specific feature right?  We all have, they’re rampant in this dark industry, but lets cover some facts before we get too crazy here. Healthmate used to make High Tech Health saunas, or vice versa. I don’t know, …

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Best Near Infrared Saunas

The culture of saunas, steam rooms or hot baths, whatever your poison, has stood the test of time. You could even say it’s one of those things that has somehow stayed around and yet is perceived to have come back in style in a sort of a hip, retro manner. Today, saunas are a popular …

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