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The Synergy Sauna portable infrared sauna us a great choice for those looking for the best bang for your buck. I know not everyone can afford a $4,000 wooden sauna, and many folks after asking what’s the best portable sauna option in the meantime?

You can see some cliff notes comparing the top 3 portable saunas here, or check out the youtube videos during my 30 for 30 sauna challenge to see more real world usage between them.

The Synergy Sauna is a portable infrared sauna that is manufactured by Synergy Science and is perfect for one person. The sauna uses near- and far-infrared rays to produce gentle heat that penetrates your body deeply and provides complete relaxation and health benefits. The low-EMF Synergy Sauna is very affordable, is very easy to set up and can be used conveniently in your home. You need to just plug it into your home’s power source and you can start using it.

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  • Dimensions: 27” (w) x 32” (d) x 38” (h)
  • Weight: 19 lb
  • Made of antibacterial bamboo fabric
  • Timer Range: 5 minutes to 95 minutes
  • Temperature Range: 113°F -140°F
  • Sauna mode and Therapy mode
  • Full Spectrum Heating Panels
  • Ultra-low EMF and ELF
  • Black tourmaline every 4 inches
  • For heater with green tourmaline gemstones
  • Ozone generator
  • Temperature controls for foot section and interior heat panels
  • 3 washable and reusable sweat collars
  • Foldable portable chair
  • 30-day return policy
  • 1-year warranty

My Synergy Sauna Review

As you can see in this video, the Synergy Sauna heats up fast, produces a great sweat, and gives a good detox in a small portable package you can easily store in your closet or wherever you’d like.

This sauna is perfect for those who might be moving soon, don’t want to get locked into moving a giant wooden sauna, or if you happen to be living in a small apartment and simply don’t have the space.

It’s considerably less money at the $800 and change mark, and will still give you hyperthermia treatments in the courtesy of your own home.

I recommend this sauna, and yes: it is worth spending the extra $300 to get this as opposed to a $500 knockoff.

Synergy Sauna VS Competitors

So should you buy the Synergy? Is the Therasage a better fit for you? Is the Relax worth the extra money?

Here’s the deal. The Synergy Sauna produced the same great sweat as the other two, but at a lower price. It doesn’t have fancy red lights or any gadgets, but at the end of the day if you’re looking for a budget portable infrared sauna that still ticks all the boxes, this is it.

Some folks find value in other options, which are also good. When testing these 9 portable saunas side by side, three stood out as consistent performers, relatively lower emf compared to the 60mg found in the Amazon portable saunas, and had a little bit lower VOC’s.

All portable saunas offgass to some extent when you first unpackage them. I found this Synergy Sauna to dissipate after about 3 weeks to where I don’t notice it much anymore.

Where To Buy Your Synergy Portable Sauna

You can get your Synergy Sauna on sale right now at Synergy Science.  Use coupon code “justice” for an extra discount for our subscribers.

Synergy Sauna Discount Page & Code:

Use coupon code justice (all lower case) for an additional discount for all subscribers)

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