Clearlight VS Radiant Health

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This is the hardest article I’ve ever had to write.

I like both of these sauna companies, specifically the Clearlight Premier and Radiant Health Elite 2.  I think they’re both awesome saunas, they both test super low in EMF, which you can verify yourself from my videos on the Certified Sauna List.

Both saunas are built well, priced well, and the value you get is an excellent choice for a home sauna.  Both saunas have electric fields mitigated, are low body voltage, and super low magnetic fields.

The Radiant Health edges out the Clearlight a bit depending on the model, and because they put zero RF radiation modules in their saunas. (meaning, never any WiFi or Bluetooth for EHS sensitive folks)

At the end of the day, the truth is you will do great in a sauna from either company based on my testing, which is something I don’t say often.  The only time Clearlight will edge out Radiant, is if you need financing in the USA.

Clearlight Premier VS Radiant Health Elite

Now obviously if you’re comparing the Clearlight Sanctuary to the Radiant Health Elite, there are going to be some differences. There is also a big difference in price between those two models also.

The Sanctuary models don’t test as low as the Premier, but if you’re looking for fancy schmancy options like Bluetooth, luxury lights, full spectrum, etc… then go with one of those from Heal With Heat. They’re the lowest priced dealer for Jacuzzi Clearlight, with price matching.

But really, the Premier is all you need, just like the Radiant Health Elite is all you need.

Which Brand To Buy?

The Premier and Elite are like a spitting image of each other when comparing most models. The heater layout is relatively the same, power equal, features, build quality, etc…

You really can’t go wrong with either one, but sometimes the Radiant Health is a better value since it’s usually cheaper once you apply the discount code.

If I blind folded you and let you try both of them, you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.

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