Best Infrared Sauna Reviews 2021

Best Infrared Sauna Reviews from an Unbiased Expert
(Only Low EMF Infrared Saunas Recommended)

If you’re doing research on the best infrared sauna reviews, I feel your pain. The internet is a maze of links that offer misinformation – or a total lack of information. How many Facebook groups recommend just one sauna brand? (Give me a break.) How many times have you heard that the price of infrared sauna pods is about to skyrocket, so you should act fast? (Please.) If you’re tired of the red flags, fake EMF reports, and the insistence that you need a full spectrum IR sauna to truly detox, then you’ve (finally) come to the right place.

But How Are Your Reviews on the Best Infrared Saunas Different?

Bad sauna reviews inspired me to take things into my own hands. I was where you are now, wondering if biased and inaccurate insights were my only option. Isn’t it time that we have someone actually sit in the sauna and test the EMF levels on live video? What better way to truly know if what you’re getting is what’s advertised? How else could we really know what we’re buying?

This list of the best infrared saunas was built to save you time and money, taking out all the red flags to deliver only the cold, hard facts about the top infrared sauna pods.

What Brands of Infrared Saunas Do I Review?

So far, my testing has spanned 13 different brands of infrared sauna pods to determine the best of the best. My biggest focus is on the EMF levels, which is why I use the right equipment that I actually know how to use. Too often, I see reviewers using the wrong meters or the wrong setting. But I’m also a big believer in regular sauna sessions for the many health benefits. You’re likely looking at saunas for the same purpose, and because we’re shopping for our well-being, it’s counter-intuitive not to be concerned about EMF levels. That’s where my live video reviews come in.

What Else Do I Cover?

Throughout this article, I include helpful links specific to infrared saunas. These include answers to questions about the types of saunas and which are right for you, information about sauna wood, and the proper temperature settings. I also go over assembly, the ins and outs of full spectrum IR, the bad brands you should skip no matter the price, and beyond. So, while this is a review of the best infrared saunas, the Clever Leverage site serves a robust, hyper-accurate resource.

You should also check out the health benefits that infrared saunas offer, which is what this is all for, right? Plus, I spend time twice a week answering all the questions on my YouTube channel, and you can have your question featured in an upcoming video. Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

The Top 3 Best Infrared Sauna Brands on the Market in 2021

A bright red flag? A site that only recommends one brand of saunas. That’s why I was relieved to discover that there’s not just one, but three infrared saunas that I confidently recommend. And they’re not the most popular either, which just goes to show how influential the false reviews are. For example, the Amazon sauna (I proved they lied!) and the Costco sauna (I showed they deceived!) both list false EMF levels!

But I’ve discovered three brands that truly offer the lowest of all three types of EMF – not just magnetic fields, but electric as well. Here is the summarized version of my Certified Sauna List, but you should read on if you want more details. I promise it’s an easy and informative read!

What I Look for in an Infrared Sauna

My number one priority is low EMF levels when it comes to testing for the best infrared saunas. But I sauna for 20 minutes at a time a few days per week to enjoy the health benefits of IR, particularly detoxing. The best IR sauna can help rid my body of ALL heavy metals and other toxins that my liver and kidneys would otherwise have to deal with. In fact, it’s proven that humans can detox most contaminants through our skin, making infrared sauna pods a worthy investment for long-term health benefits. And because it’s so health-centric, making sure the sauna is low EMF is especially crucial to the decision-making process.

Why Other Sauna Reviews Are Far From Accurate

My list of the best infrared saunas is backed up by actual photos of me setting it up and live video of me testing it. Compare this to almost all the other “best infrared sauna” recommendations you’ve come across. Have you ever actually seen one of these salespeople get in the sauna and test it themselves? Then doesn’t that mean their recommendation is, by definition, unsubstantiated? So it’s no wonder that I discovered how many of these reviews were wildly inaccurate. What I’ve come to learn is that if you don’t sit in them, you don’t stand to give your opinion on them. It’s that simple.

Invest Time (Not Just Money) in the Best Infrared Sauna

You’re already dropping around $5,000. You might as well spend some time considering the different options. Sure, it’s easy to listen to someone who’s never used the sauna they’re trying to sell you, because they’re just looking at the spec sheet and telling you what you want to hear. The faster they can make a sale, the better. But the more time you take to really weigh the top three, the lower the chance that you’ll find yourself with an inferior sauna – or one that’s not even compatible with any outlets in your home. (I can’t tell you how often that happens to people!)

I Know Because I’ve Bought the Worst of the Worst

It’s almost funny. I had purchased so many that were far from the best infrared saunas that I had compiled hard evidence of their shortcomings.

By trying infrared saunas firsthand and testing them with different meters myself, I came to the crushing realization that sauna salespeople will just lie without a second thought. And there didn’t seem to be any unbiased reviewers testing them out without the hope of a sale at the end of the demonstration. (Giving them a try at a tradeshow isn’t the same as testing them!)

Luckily for everyone just now looking into a sauna, I went through it so you don’t have to. And if you’ve been burned (literally and figuratively!) in the past, you’re probably relieved to finally have an outlet you can trust.

Why Third-Party EMF Reports Are False

This is extremely important. You’ve likely come across those EMF reports that involve testing the actual heater, not the sauna itself. What’s the difference? Well, while the infrared heater causes the EMF, the entire sauna and setup is what needs to be tested. You have the wires, the power supply, and there’s more than just one heater used inside the sauna. If you just test a couple, you’re getting deceptive information that has absolutely nothing to do with the EMF levels when you’re actually using the thing.

Does that mean it’s “false”? Yes, because it doesn’t actually tell you anything of value, which is (presumably) what you’re looking for.

2021’s Top Three Best Infrared Saunas

Out of the baker’s dozen infrared saunas I’ve reviewed, only three brands offer the lowest EMF and deliver the highest quality sauna experience. These three are:

Below, you’ll find an overview of each review, and links to the full infrared sauna review articles, EMF videos, and the pricing guide.

The REAL Radiant Health Saunas

“Wait a second, isn’t this the Amazon infrared sauna?” you might be asking yourself. I thought the same thing, which is why I avoided “Radiant” infrared saunas after I tested the one from Amazon, which ended up being one of the worst I ever experienced. But then I tried the real-deal, and I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised, I was blown away.

The Best Infrared Sauna Is a Radiant Health Sauna

Further down this article, we’ll get into why it’s important to choose the infrared sauna that’s best for you, not just one that’s in my certified top three. But for now, it’s safe to call this one the best sauna I’ve ever tested, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Mitigates both electric and magnetic fields.
  • Absolutely NO RF radiation. That means no built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, perfect for more sensitive individuals.
  • Extremely low body voltage.
  • Awesome affordability.
  • Available from ONE source.

Why do I like that you can only buy directly from Because that way, you’re not tricked into buying it from a third-party seller like Amazon, which uses the word “Radiant” to sell knockoff versions that suck. They just do. (The Amazon one is so, so, so bad.)

We Know the Pros. What Are the Cons?

The only downside to the Radiant Health Saunas are how long it takes to heat up. You need to wait up to 30 minutes to get this infrared sauna up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. But due to the extremely low EMF and body voltage, this is safe enough for a small child, the elderly, and those with underlying medical conditions. So the slowish heating time is an incredibly small price to pay for what may well be the safest and best IR sauna in the world.

Use My Contact to Get the Best Deal on Radiant Health Saunas

I have a connection at the company who can get you the lowest possible price on brand-new Radiant Health Saunas. His name is Randy, and not only is he friendly and knows his stuff, he’s ready with the unbeatable deals. Find his direct line in the full Radiant Health Saunas review here. And here’s a link to the EMF Review Video on YouTube!

The Next Best IR Sauna: Clearlight Premier Infrared Saunas

I absolutely love the Clearlight Premier Sauna, and the two-person option is likely the best choice for most homes. You don’t need to hire an electrician, as this infrared sauna is compatible with the standard 15-amp circuit, and the installation is easy. Other pros to highlight include:

  • Amazingly-low EMF levels that extend to magnetic and electrical fields.
  • Very low body voltage.
  • Gorgeous sauna despite the incredible affordability. You really can’t beat the quality and elegant design for the price.
  • Exciting financing options that give you the flexibility to buy now and pay later.
  • Can be delivered almost anywhere in the world (like US, UK, NZ, AU, and ZA).
  • Covered by a solid warranty.

The Clearlight Premier Has Tons of Pros and One Con: RF Radiation

Now, most people don’t mind radiofrequency radiation, but high levels can be harmful. Without it, though, and you don’t get to listen to your favorite music or podcast through a built-in speaker. Still, the Clear Light Premier Sauna does have BlueTooth/Aux/MP3 audio inputs, which means RF is present. (For anyone not sensitive to RF, this is more likely a pro rather than a con.)

The Go-To Choice Among Alternative Health Therapy Experts

I’m an expert when it comes to testing for the best IR sauna, but there are alternative health therapy experts that have degrees, followings, and expertise beyond my paygrade. This includes Dr. Brian Clement, who serves as the Director of the Hippocrates Institute in South Florida. The Clearlight Premier Infrared Sauna has his highly-coveted endorsement. As a pioneer of today’s self-care movement, I respect his opinion and really like that he endorsed this sauna. It simply reinforces the quality and reliability the Clear Light delivers.

A Great Deal on the Greatest Infrared Saunapods

You can find my full Clearlight Infrared Sauna Review here, where I go in-depth on how this stands out as the best IR sauna available. You can also find my EMF review video here, and don’t forget about my super helpful pricing guide, which includes special deals exclusive to folks who take advantage of my Clearlight connection.

Call (800) 317-5070 directly for ordering, check out the website at, or email

If you provide the Discount Code “matt-justice-500,” he’ll give you the best deal AND $500 off your order!

REMEMBER: If you’re buying new, it’s extremely important that you buy directly. Otherwise, you run the risk of receiving a faulty product – or something you didn’t even order (I’m getting “Radiant” from Amazon flashbacks as I type this.) Don’t risk it, just give David a call.

Another of the Best in IR: The High Tech Health Infrared Saunas

Yes, all of the saunas are pretty “high tech,” and I use state-of-the-art meters to verify EMF levels and beyond. But the High Tech Health brand truly lives up to its name, with the Transcend TR2 model offering pros that include:

  • Some of the lowest EMF levels tested (electric, magnetic, body voltage).
  • Unique poplar wood interior. This is ideal if you or someone else is chemically-sensitive. But if not, the unique selling point (USP) of real lumber isn’t enough to make it better or worse than the other two in my top three.
  • Extremely spacious for a two-person sauna. In fact, you won’t find a more spacious two-seater that performs this well.
  • Front-angled heater design, which is rare among ceramic sauna options.

But there’s a good amount to this model, so I recommend checking out my full High Tech Health Infrared Sauna review.

This brand also offers a handful of cool add-ons, including the earthing mat accessory, which is exclusively compatible with their saunas. (But please note that I have not tested it!)

The Three Downsides of the High Tech Health Infrared Sauna

The High Tech Health Infrared Sauna has some finer touches that do a good job of setting them apart. But are they enough to merit paying a bit more? It depends on your budget and preferences. Things like the premium-grade poplar wood and the claim that they’re the most doctor-recommended brand can help justify the higher price tag. Hey, if you can do it, then why not?

Another downside is that the sauna, lights, and sauna each have a different power control. Yep, three different power controls.

And this was the most difficult assembly I’ve ever dealt with. Not just of these top three, but period. Once the assembly is done, you’re good to go, but if you’re going to be moving it, you’ll have to do it all over again. I’m not saying that’s a good reason not to buy it, especially if you like the bells and whistles. It’s still the best IR sauna around.

Awesome Upside to High Tech Health? My Direct Hookup!

It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely more affordable when you take $500 off using my code. My company contact, Tess Harris, can get you the best sauna price, then take another 500 bucks off. He can also give you more insight on the optional add-ons, like the earthing mat and more. He knows his stuff, and I was impressed with his level of customer care.

Phone Number: (720) 815-2670

Name: Tess Harris

Promo Code: matt-justice-500

(Yep, that’s a Denver area code. These saunas are made in Denver, CO, USA, which is always a plus.)

More Sauna Reviews and Insights

I started this review on the best infrared saunas by talking about all the different brands I’ve tested. It’s not just that I found three that I recommend, I also found ten more that I think you’re better off avoiding. When your health is a priority to the extent that you’re investing in an in-home sauna, you might as well make sure you’re getting the best IR sauna available.

But I also understand being tempted by cheaper prices, especially if you can get a five-person for the price of a two-person. So, if you feel like you’re sold on an infrared sauna that didn’t accomplish the extraordinarily difficult task of getting in my top three, here are some others that I’ve reviewed. That way, you know exactly why I don’t recommend it so you can decide for yourself:

The Truth About Near Infrared Saunas

My recommended best infrared saunas use far infrared, and each brand will specifically recommend against near infrared or “full spectrum” saunas. The truth is that for every benefit of far IR, there’s a health risk associated with near IR. These include an acceleration of skin aging, which seems to be the most prominent concern about near IR saunas.

Further, there haven’t been any (that I know of at least) studies about the health benefits of near IR saunas, while there have been many in regards to far IR. I’d say you’re best to just avoid it.

However, if you are interested in near IR, you can add it to any sauna you’d like for under a hundred bucks. Check out my DIY tutorial.

Don’t Fall for Fake Consumer Reports

No, I’m not talking about the world-renowned review company known as Consumer Reports. I’m talking about the fake version that many sauna companies are cranking out to trick you into thinking you’re buying the best of the best.

This is probably the worst of the IR sauna inaccuracies online. This isn’t just deception, it’s an actual scam, literally impersonating a known brand to make you think their product is ranked by industry experts. Nope!

But how do you know what’s real or not? Well, for one thing, the real Consumer Reports doesn’t even review infrared saunas. Plus, I have a great guide on how to identify a sauna conjob when you see one. Check it out here.

There’s No Such Thing as Zero EMF Saunas

Much like flying pigs and centaurs, a “zero EMF” sauna doesn’t exist. It’s a complete and total ripoff. I get into more detail about how this scam works here. But, in short, if something is powered by electricity, it’s going to have an electric field.

But “Zero EMF” Saunas Did Inspire This Website

Do you want to know how I initially got into my pursuit of the best IR sauna? It started with the first sauna I bought, which was advertised as “low EMF.” Instead, it produced dangerously high levels of EMF. I was livid at first…but, hey, maybe “low” to me isn’t the industry standard. So, I thought I’d save myself another headache by going with a “zero EMF” sauna. Then I tested it. And while the EMF levels weren’t dangerously high, they were there, and they weren’t even up to my standards like my certified top three.

Yep, the “zero EMF Radiant Sauna” I got on Amazon wasn’t even low EMF!

So, I thought, “Maybe I’m doing something wrong.” I got a bunch of different meters. I became an expert at testing and verifying EMF levels. And I learned a horrible truth the hard way: some sauna makers will outright lie to you about their EMF. Not only that, but they’re making up an invention that doesn’t even exist.

Again, “zero EMF” infrared is impossible, because it requires electricity to operate.

Portable Sauna Reviews

All the portable saunas have higher EMF levels than I would like, but some are better than others. (Note that if you can’t outright buy one of my certified top three infrared sauna pods, you can find some pretty great financing options.) That’s why I focus so heavily on the standard infrared saunas. If the portable were just as good, I would be happy to recommend them. But the truth is, they’re not.

The Highest EMF Meets the Lowest Price

The hyper-affordable Radiant Sauna by Blue Wave is available on Amazon and can cost less than $200. But the super high EMF makes me super wary. Even worse, it’s advertised as low EMF, which is just untrue, and therefore raíces a bright red flag (can’t beat that price though).

Not the Best, Not the Worst: The Happy Medium Option

What I really like about the Relax Infrared Sauna is how they concentrate the infrared by your feet rather than your head and torso, minimizing the exposure to your vital organs. What’s more, their EMF levels weren’t that high in general. However, the price is pretty steep, with their most expensive option listed for as much as $3,000. At that point, why go portable?

The Best Portable Infrared Sauna

For my money, the Durherm Low EMF Portable Sauna is the best quick, affordable, and portable option. Make no mistake, this is NOT one of my certified saunas, but it does have the lowest EMF of the portable options tested. And at just $500, it will save you significant money if you’re holding off on a wooden infrared sauna.

Outdoor Infrared Sauna Reviews

You’ll find that the vast majority of barrel steam saunas are low EMF if they’re spacious enough for you to sit away from the electrical components. But the biggest issue I’ve come across, both from others reviewing infrared saunas as well as from my personal experience, is that saunas advertised for outdoor use can’t stand up to the elements. In fact, only ONE sauna that I know of can handle snow and ice without taking forever to heat up.

Check out my complete guide on finding the best outdoor infrared saunas.

I’m Always Working on the Next Sauna Review

The three safest options made it to the list of certified saunas, and you can purchase these with total confidence that children, the elderly, and folks with chronic illnesses are safe to enjoy them. But my goal wasn’t to find just three that meet my (ridiculously strict) EMF standards. When I first got into the at-home sauna game, I had hoped they all were exactly as advertised.

So far, I have over 50 different sauna review videos on my YouTube channel, and there are plenty more to come. If you want to know anything specific, send me an online message today.

Anyone Can Write a “The Best Infrared Saunas” Review

Thanks to the internet, anyone with a website can post a Top 10 Infrared Sauna list. Think about it: if companies can just advertise false EMF claims, what’s to stop anyone from partnering with them to put the lie even farther? All you’d have to do is choose the saunas at random, put them in random order, word it in a way that sounds like you’re confident, and you have yourself a review on the best IR sauna.

That’s why I do live videos to demonstrate EMF levels so you can see them for yourself. Don’t take my word for it, and definitely don’t take their word for it. Simply watch the videos, and you’ll have everything you need to choose the sauna with infrared that’s right for you.

Fast Links to the Most Important Info

You might have all the time in the world to choose the best IR sauna for you. There is also a possibility that you need a sauna quickly for medical reasons (or a lack of patience, which I totally understand!) Below you’ll find the links that house everything you want to know:

Verified Safest Saunas

Verified Biggest Scams

Infrared Sauna vs. Traditional Sauna

An infrared sauna with low EMF levels is a relaxing, approachable sauna experience that detoxifies the body faster than a traditional sauna. Also, instead of sitting in 190-degree steam like in a traditional sauna, you can achieve the desired level of sweating between 110 and 140 degrees. And both the upfront and operational costs are significantly lower.

Far Infrared vs. Near Infrared

I built myself a pretty effective near infrared setup for my shower, but then I tried a far infrared sauna at a spa. The difference in sweating was unbelievable, and I immediately realized that I needed to upgrade my in-home sauna.

I also wanted to detox three times per week. And at $30 per session for a far infrared sauna at a spa, I knew investing in one for my home would pay off pretty quickly.

What Led Me to Testing for the Best Infrared Saunas

I mentioned that I bought a faulty sauna, but that wasn’t where it all began. I was suffering from chronic sinus infections and fatigue, and often coping with bouts of anxiety and brain fog. It wasn’t until two solid years of trying to figure out what was wrong that I discovered I had mercury in my teeth. The culprit: amalgam fillings from my childhood! Within 30 days of getting them taken out, I stopped getting sinus infections for good – and got introduced to the toxicity of heavy metals and the damage they’d already done to my body.

Getting Through the Bad to Get to the Good

The first sauna that I bought is still to this day the worst one that I’ve ever tested, delivering ridiculously high levels of EMF – despite being advertised as a low EMF IR sauna. The next one I bought was terrible too, and so was the next one after that. I found myself buying all sorts of EMF meters and testing each one on video to prove to the sellers that their products aren’t as advertised. And, since I already had an established YouTube review channel, why not save everyone else from the ridiculous task of trial and error on products that cost thousands of dollars?

From a Pile of Bullcrap, Clear Leverage Was Born

I’ve tested countless saunas. Spent hundreds of hours researching. And I’ve documented every phase of the process. Today, I’ve identified the brands that are trying to rip you off with misleading claims or outright lies. And I’ve also found the companies that truly deliver on the best infrared saunas. Unfortunately, there’s not much in-between.

Buying a High EMF Infrared Sauna Can Be Dangerous

I’ve tested saunas that read over 100 milligauss despite being advertised as low EMF. To put that into perspective, Sweden considers an unsafe level of EMF to be over 2 milligauss. That’s 50x the Swedish standard. And with China and Russia making a lot of these crappy infrared saunas, I shudder to imagine what the worst could be.

You Can Buy Infrared Saunas from Unregulated Companies

I’ve bought infrared saunas that I knew were a piece of garbage before I even finished assembling it. I’ve been covered in sawdust, dealing with cheap plywood, and then I’d test it to find it registering EMF levels of 100 milligauss.

Or You Can Be Safer and Healthier

When you buy one of the certified best infrared saunas, it’s the opposite. You’ll know it’s quality the moment you open the box, and enjoy it for years with total peace of mind that it’s as low EMF as they say. I guarantee it, because I tested them myself, and I got the (live video) receipts to prove it.

A Hands-On Expert Here for All Your Infrared Sauna Questions

I’ve made myself available to anyone looking into buying an infrared sauna. Whether you leave a comment, beneath a YouTube video, or you send me a message directly, I’ll get back to you with proven insight and advice. I learned everything about the infrared sauna market so that you don’t have to.

Your goal is to be healed, not zapped by dangerous levels of EMF. No amount of detoxing is worth that! And if you suffer from sitting in a scorching steam sauna, you’re not alone there either. Infrared is the way to go – as long as you choose the right one, and make sure it’s the one that’s right for you. Consider the spaciousness, design, price, whether it’s used or new, and the add-ons and accessories. Combined with the assurance that it’s low EMF, and you step into your sauna every day without a care in the world.

Your Search Is Over, Even If It’s Just Beginning

When you get the best infrared sauna the first time, it can actually change your life. I know because it changed mine. Whether you’ve already combed through an endless number of “Top 10 Best IR Sauna” reviews or you just learned what an infrared sauna is today, you can find everything you need right here. And if you can’t, I’m here to help.