Full Spectrum Saunas Are A Waste Of Money

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Many people ask if it’s worth it to spend the extra money and get a full spectrum sauna. I’ve been saying it for the last three years, but it’s never been more clear than now: most every full spectrum sauna on the market today, is full of hype…. not near infrared or mid infrared.

Okay okay, let’s cut them some slack… they might have some mid infrared in them, but have you ever felt the difference between near, mid, and far infrared back to back?

You probably haven’t, because if you had, you would know right away that near infrared doesn’t heat you up at all. Mid infrared is just tapping the surface of the wavelengths that make you sweat hard, and far infrared is the real workhorse in any infrared sauna.


It’s simple really: far infrared is the only portion of a “full spectrum” wavelength that can induce hyperthermia to it’s full potential.

Most of this other nonsense, is just that… nonsense.

Answer this question for yourself: “if I had a sauna company, and I wanted customers to think they should pay more for my sauna… what would be the best way to make them think that over competitors”?

Simple: “make them think they’re missing out on some crucial benefit if they don’t use our product… but make sure it isn’t obvious that it doesn’t actually make logical sense so they won’t be the wiser…”

Case in point: I can sit in front of a full body near infrared light panel for over an hour, which has roughly 14X more NIR output than any full spectrum sauna, and never break a sweat. At. All.

So tell me then, mister fancy pants full spectrum sauna; how on earth do you deliver near infrared benefits, with your NIR LED’s placed behind a grill next to your far infrared panels, or in your forward facing vertical quartz halogen tube heaters?

What’s that, customers don’t know what to look for? Wait, you can’t prove this feature is contributing to my sweat experience? Hang on, you’re borrowing research from NASA to make yourself sound credible, when in fact the NASA testing was done with a different element entirely than you put in your saunas?

Aha, gotcha.

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