2 Person Outdoor Sauna

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When looking for a 2 person outdoor sauna, you really only have two styles of options. 1) an outdoor barrel or shed style dry electric outdoor sauna, or 2) a 2 or 4 person infrared sauna with insulated walls and double pane windows.

The first choice, your barrel saunas and outdoor shed sauna, usually run a dry electric heater, and you can either add steam or hot rocks if you choose.

The pros and cons of this type, are sometimes needing a supplemental roof structure to protect the barrel over time (the slats can leak if it’s not a shingle roof on the top half), and the cost to install either type. (usually a concrete pad or paver base is needed, as well as an electrician to install 240v to run your sauna)

The Best 2 Person Outdoor Sauna

The best two person outdoor sauna in my opinion, is going to be your Sanctuary Outdoor 2.  This Clearlight sauna, is equipped to handle extreme cold and blistering hot temperatures alike, no matter which climate you live in. With it’s proprietary design, it is much more efficient than trying to place an indoor sauna outside, and heats properly in cold climates.

How much is a 2 person sauna?

Two person saunas usually range from $2,400 dollars for a cheap barrel sauna, up to $7,400 for a 4 person infrared outdoor sauna.

What is the best outdoor sauna for large groups?

If you’re looking to make group sauna use a tradition for the whole family, a barrel sauna is really the only way to go. The smaller shed style rectangular saunas, no matter if they’re the 4 person or larger, simply won’t accommodate that many people comfortably.

Can I put my sauna outside?

I don’t advise placing your indoor sauna outside. Not only will the elements wear it out, it won’t heat sufficiently in cold climates without insulated walls, double pane windows, etc…

Can you put a dry sauna outside?

You can, but normally need to build some type of shed roof, enclosed heated space if you live in a winter climate, or other accommodations to make it more outdoor friendly.

How much does it cost to run an outdoor sauna?

On average, anywhere between $50 – $125 per month, depending on the price per kilowatt in your area, and how many days per month you use it. Also, an infrared sauna may have smaller cubic footage inside, thereby reducing your preheat time, which uses less electricity and may be cheaper to run long term.


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