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The lowest EMF infrared saunas for 2020, are all found on the Certified Sauna List. There are a lot of top 10 lists out there, but hardly any have complete live testing on video, long term reliability usage and testing, and real world seat of the pants commentary to help you choose the best infrared sauna for your home.

The 3 Lowest EMF Sauna Brands For 2020

There are 3 stand out low emf sauna brands for 2020, and there are a couple distinct features that make them stand out among the competition.

  1. Radiant Health Saunas
  2. Clearlight Saunas (premier model only Matt says)
  3. High Tech Health

But not all sauna emf testing is created equal. Every sauna company will tell you their sauna is low emf when you call, but few have the real proof to back it up without blurring the lines.

For one thing, when it comes to EMF and dealing with sauna sales people that work for the sauna companies, they usually don’t even own the latest sauna in their own house themselves. This creates a huge problem, because here we have folks trying to get a reasonable assessment when comparing brands, and the sales person is just reading off a script reciting nonsense.

Usually they just lie and say it’s low emf, and then defer you to 3rd party emf reports.

Sauna Companies Caught Lying About EMF

But let me ask you something… probably the most important point of all: If a sauna is taken a part, and one single sauna heater is removed to be sent to a “third party EMF testing lab” don’t you think those emf test results will be drastically different than if you tested the entire sauna with all 8 heaters running?

You guessed it… shenanigans once again!

This is how the sauna companies are getting away with high emf saunas being falsely advertised as low emf, and no one is the wiser.  This is why we require every single sauna that comes across our desk now to be tested on live video, with high end equipment. We caught several sauna companies using a cheap emf meter from Amazon, which doesn’t detect all the emf well, in an effort to portray their sauna as safe when it’s really not.

To see the live emf testing videos for the best low emf saunas of 2020, visit certifiedsaunas.com for the updated list.

Is A Low EMF Sauna Really That Important?

Some folks are still wondering… is a super low emf infrared sauna even really that important? is the emf from the sauna really even that harmful? Well, early reports from studies suggest that almost every other type of emf is not doing anyone any favors. There are saunas on the market that don’t have any emf in them, so wouldn’t we use them? It’s pretty silly not to!

Now, when it comes down to it, you can clearly see reports from the WHO that warn against magnetic fields and RF radiation for adults with health issues, and especially children.

The majority of affordable saunas, don’t have WiFi modules in them aside from the expensive saunas with the gadgets in them and Bluetooth. However, there are quite a bit of magnetic fields present, especially in ceramic saunas without any shielding. In fact, one ceramic infrared sauna I purchased from Amazon is the highest EMF sauna on record in the world. With magnetic fields over 100 mg at your head, and sky high body voltage, you rest assured it’s fairly important to stay away from saunas like that. They surely won’t be helping anyone’s health long term in a trap like that.

And the worst part? Companies don’t care! They just slap a “low emf” label on their Amazon sales page, and call it a day. Folks buy these high emf saunas left and right, thinking they’re super low emf… then the reviews roll in on how great it is, because no one is the wiser. (or bothered to double check the company’s claims)

When they do find out, usually they’re livid after having their children in there. Hopefully with this website, we can save folks the trouble of having to deal with that situation…

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