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Everyone shopping for a home sauna wants to know the same thing… what in the world is the best sauna to get?!?!

After all, it’s a big purchase decision for most of us, and we don’t want to squander it and get the wrong one, get one with super high EMF that may not be safe for our family, one with terrible build quality that will break in a year, and on and on…

But when every sauna company is telling you their sauna is the best, how do you know who to believe anymore!?!?!

That is the situation I was in, and each time I would speak to a sauna salesperson, they would always be pointing out some “revolutionary” feature that set their sauna apart from the competing brands.

It always ended the same… “our sauna is better because:

  • our heaters have better emissivity
  • our sauna has less emf than your hair dryer
  • our sauna has all three wavelengths for a complete detox
  • our sauna is made from XX wood, which is the rarest in the world (I’m inserting comedic value here)

… this goes on forever. Any catchy phrase of feature of the week they can come up with, is what they’ll be telling you.

At the end of the day where the rubber meets the road, here’s the problem with all of that:  these sauna sales people, that are supposed to be advising you, usually don’t even own the sauna they’re trying to sell you.

Not only that, they have never been in the sauna brands they’re telling you are inferior. So when people as me to do sauna comparisons between different brands, I can tell right away when they’re sending over bogus questions created by sauna sales people that have never even been in one of the brands they’re badmouthing.

9 times out of 10, they’re talking about features that don’t even exist in the brand that “sucks” supposedly. If they had been inside one and actually used it, they would know that.

Why Is It The Best Sauna For 2019-2020?

The best sauna of the year, is the Radiant Health Elite 2.


it’s simple really, it’s the best home sauna value on the planet.

  • ultra low emf (don’t be fooled by sauna company “emf reports” watch the live video testing)
  • good build quality
  • easiest sauna to assemble with complete step by step video instructions
  • 2 person units, with 100% far infrared, that will work on a standard 15 amp household circuit, no electrician required

Any Other Brands That Are Also Good?

All the saunas on the Certified Saunas List tested excellent. But the Radiant Health tales the cake in every department.

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