2 Person Corner Infrared Sauna

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Reader Question: “Hi Matt, is there a 2 person corner infrared sauna that you’d recommend?  We have been looking for a home sauna for a while, and stumbled across your reviews. With everything being so confusing, and each sauna company saying different things, it’s hard for us to decide on which brand to go with. We have a 9 year old that needs to detox aluminum according to the hair analysis but hesitate to get a cheaper high emf sauna. Our space is limited in our spare bedroom, but a corner sauna would fit easily. I think we need a 2 person unit, so I can be in there with him and still have room to move around? Thanks for everything, Janice”

Hi Janice, sure I can help.  From everything you’re saying, I’d recommend a 2 person corner unit for you. Specifically, a Radiant Health EC-3H 3 person corner unit. I know it says 3 person, but there are a few reasons why I would recommend this model to you.

  1.  Because I own and am very familiar with it. I use it in my Grandmother’s cabin up North, and it’s the perfect layout if you want to be in their with your child and still be able to stretch out.
  2. It’s the biggest interior cabin size you can get in a corner sauna, and still be able to run it on a 15 amp circuit. Meaning, you won’t have to hire an electrician to run a dedicated line from your breaker box to the room to power it. It just plugs right in for ease of use.
  3. It’s lower emf than the cheaper options, which I know for certain will keep your child safe being such a young age. Also low VOC too, and not the fake kind where they take bottle of air samples, measure the air in a lab, and then say it’s low VOC. This sauna is actually tested fully assembled and running, so all parts are low voc.

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